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Lisa and John's Eighteen
Uses for a Sarong


Lisa's Fabulous Uses for a Sarong

Lisa MacIver, Massachusetts, Oregon, the World


I always carry a sarong when I travel. I got mine in Malaysia for a few dollars some years ago. Here are actual uses to which this sarong has been put.

1. Skirt
Either wrapped, knotted and pleated in front, or wrapped twice and tied. I sometimes sleep in it. Or put it on in the morning to go out and have tea before showering.
2. Towel
Works great as it packs small and dries quickly. (Used for two weeks trekking in Nepal.)
3. Shower curtain
Use clothesline to make a rod. (Aswan, Egypt)
4. Beach mat
5. Tote bag
Fold into a cylinder and tie. I did this in England when I wanted to leave some things at a hotel while making a day trip. It's not great.
6. Sheet
Perfect for hot climates.
7. Pillowcase
Wrap up spare clothes to make the pillow.
8. Bathroom-privacy
If some of the group hold the ends up. The rest stop on the felucca trip (on Nile) was an open area with gawking locals.
9. Sun shade
Create shade on a hot day by attaching to available supports. Again, on the felucca.
10. Curtain
To keep sun out of a window, and also for lower bunks in dorms for darkness and privacy. Again, the clothesline makes a reasonable rod.
11. Blanket
For overnight bus trips--especially in Malaysia where they over air condition. Also, can wrap around shoulders for warmth. This is hard while carrying a rucksack, though some seem to manage.
12. Laundry bag

John's Even More Fabulous Uses
 for a Sarong

13. Parachute
Roll two corners in each hand and hold tight.
14. Sail
Beats rowing 900 miles to land.
15. Escape rope
Vines aren't always handy.
16. Balloon
Requires hot air.
17. Capture net
If you get really hungry.
18. Cape
When you need one to blend in.

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